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O'Connor, Barbara.
New York : Farrar Straus and Giroux, 2007
IL 3-6, RL 4.0
ISBN 0374334978

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Booktalk #1

This book is good because it is interesting and it talks about dogs. The story How to Steal a Dog is about these friends that try to steal Mrs. Wightmore's dog, why...? Well, the group of friends are poor and live in a car, and Mrs. Wightmore is rich, fancy, nice, and has a dog! So, read this book to find out if the friends get away with stealing the dog, or if they get in big trouble!

---Lego My Yego, Brookview Elementary, Waukee, IA

Booktalk #2

Georgina has not always lived this way.  She used to have both a mother and father and they lived in an apartment. Until her father walked out and left them with very little money. Now, Georgina, her brother and her mother are homeless and living in their car.  It is very hard at school as the other kids are starting to make comments about her wrinkled clothes and dirty hair.  She isnít doing her homework so her grades are falling.  Everything is going wrong.  But when she sees a poster about a lost dog, Georgina comes up with a plan Ė steal a dog and collect the reward.  Then they will have enough money to move into a real place and not have to live like this.  Georgina and her brother scout out different areas looking for the right dog.  It has to be a friendly dog owned by a rich person who can pay the reward.  When they find the right dog, they put their plan into action.  What they donít count on is that the owner doesnít have any money for a reward.  Georgina and her brother stash the dog at an empty house in the woods.  Is this really going to work?  Will they be able to pull this off?

SUBJECTS:     Homeless persons -- Fiction.
Family problems -- Fiction.
Conduct of life -- Fiction.
Interpersonal relations -- Fiction.
Brothers and sisters -- Fiction.
Dogs -- Fiction.
North Carolina -- Fiction.

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