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Ness, Patrick.
Cambridge : Candlewick, 2008
ISBN 0763639311

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 Booktalk #1

Ever been told to keep your thoughts to yourself? Imagine a world where you couldn't. What if everyone could hear your every thought and you could hear theirs whether you wanted to or not? For Todd Hewitt, silence is golden. He has to go far away from his home to find it though. Ever since the Spackle War killed all the women, the men have had to live with the roar of their own Noise. And their thoughts aren't always pretty.

Todd is the last boy in Prentisstown. When he turns 13 soon, he will become a man. But before that can happen, he has to flee the only world he has ever known, fighting for his life along the way. Welcome to Chaos Walking, a new series that will make you question how you would survive with constant noise and how far you would be willing to go to live in peace.  (Stephanie Nichols,, librarian)

Booktalk #2

Has anyone ever told you they could read your mind?  What if it was true.  What if everyone could read minds?  In this story, that is what happens.  A virus has infected the population of a space colony and now all the thoughts are public.  And you can't avoid them. It is a very noisy place.  There are no women left and Todd is the only child in the colony.  He is one month away from becoming a man and things are getting even stranger.  He is told to run and leave the town.  When he does, he finds something extraordinary -- a girl.  And she has no noise.  Now they are being pursued by the crazy preacher, they are on the run and Todd soon discovers the secrets of Prentisstown.

SUBJECTS:     Social problems -- Fiction.
                        Telepathy -- Fiction.
                        Human-animal communication -- Fiction.
                        Space colonies -- Fiction.
                        Science fiction.

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