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Nelson, Paul.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015

ISBN 1515297349

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My Story Begins
     I am Fisher Stephens.  My age is 17, and I have autism.  I do not talk, because it is very hard to make my mouth say the words that fly from my head.  I can type, so I do that.  I like to type because it helps me become free to let out the pictures in my head.  I see many pictures all the time.  Sometimes it is hard for me to slow them down.  Dad gives me medicine.  It helps.  Sometimes the pictures fly in my head so fast that I have to shake my hands and make some grunting noises.  People look at me when that happens.  I take medicine to help me calm down too.
     My dad has the name Paul.  My mom is not living anymore.  I am not sure how she stopped living this life, but she was sick for a very long time.  Dad says she is fine now, and we will live together again someday.  I miss mom.  Before she got so sick, she would read to me. I liked that.  When I was really little, she would make a soft place in bed with lots of blankets.  We would watch my favorite movies and cuddle.  We would eat lots of snacks and popcorn. Usually, I would fall asleep in bed, feeling safe with mom by my side.  Every kid should know that feeling.  Mom had a lot of love to give, but she wore out before she could give it all.   I did not like to go in her room when she was very sick.  Her room felt dark and cold to me.  I am happy her sickness is all gone now, but I miss all the love she gave me. (Paul Nelson.,  teacher)

SUBJECTS:     Autism.

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