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Na, An

Asheville, NC : Front Street, 2001
IL 5-8, RL 5.5
ISBN 1886910588

Four-year-old Young Ju is not quite certain about what is happening.  Her parents have told her that they are moving.  She doesn't know what that means. They said they are all going to Mi Gook.  Now, all Young Ju knows about Mi Gook is that people say it is Heaven to live there.  People have enough work, beautiful homes and lots of money.  The Parks are not going by boat.  They are taking a big bus that flies in the sky.  So, Young Ju decides that they must be going to fly in the sky to get to Heaven.  When the family arrives in America, Young Ju just doesn't understand.  How can this be Heaven?  Her family laughs at her misunderstanding and let her know that this is America which is just a step from Heaven.  As time goes on, Young Ju feels further and further from Heaven.  It is very hard to get her tongue around the new language.  The family has very little money and rents a small, dingy apartment.  A new baby brother  arrives but alienates Young Ju's father even more.  How can this place be a better place than their home in Korea?  How can they ever fit into this strange new life?
SUBJECTS:     Korean Americans -- Fiction.
                        Family life -- Fiction.
                        Emigration and immigration -- Fiction.


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