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Morley, Jacqueline.
New York : Franklin Watts, 2009
IL 3-6, RL 4.9

ISBN 0531213277
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Do you like to travel? You can take an airplane or other type of convenient transportation to easily arrive at your destination. What was it like to travel in the past when such transportation was not available? We can get an idea of how it was to travel way back then with the journeys of Marco Polo, an Italian explorer and merchant who wrote about his travels to China and other parts of Asia during the 13th century. He left Italy when he was a teenager with his father and uncle, traveling by ship and overland. As incredible as it sounds, Marco traveled and remained abroad for about 24 years. He needed a ton of patience, as it took quite a long time to reach a destination, sometimes a year or more. Along the way, there could be dangers. You could be attacked by violent robbers.  The weather and environment could be quite harsh.  You had to travel through the desert by camel in a caravan. Camels could be bad tempered and you could get seasick riding on a camel.  If you traveled by ship, there was the fear of being attacked by pirates. It could be difficult to travel if you got sick along the way. When Marco arrived in China, he met the ruler of China. He was impressed with Marco and gave him a job traveling throughout Asia to report on what he saw. Learn more about all the amazing journeys of this intrepid adventurer and the various cultures and customs throughout Asia.  (May Harn Liu, Email Address:, Status librarian)

SUBJECTS:     Asia -- Description and travel.
                        Polo, Marco, 1254-1323?
                        Travel, Medieval.
                        Voyages and travels.

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