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Messner, Kate.
New York : Scholastic Press, 2011
IL K-3, RL 3.4
ISBN 054514244X

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Readerís Theater Script: (adapted from pages 34-38)


Characters: Narrator, Marty and Martyís Mom


Narrator: Marty is sitting in her room, telling her favorite stuffed animal all about the injustice of being sent to her room for falling into the school pond while capturing a frog during recess when the phone rings and she overhears a conversation between her mother and her teacher.

When they hang up mom enters her room.


Mom: Marty, that was Mrs. Aloi. She says youíre going to be the lead in your third-grade play.

Marty: She must have dialed the wrong number.

Mom: MartyÖ

Marty: Mom, itís a princess part.  Iím not a princessy girl.

Mom: Marty, itís such a fun opportunity.

Marty: To wear a stupid, frilly dress?

Mom: Well, maybe you wonít have to wear ---

Marty: I know I wonít have to because Iím not doing it.

Mom: MartyÖ

Marty: Nope.

Mom: But Mrs. Aloi will be so disappointed.

Marty: She can get Veronica Grace. Or Kimmy. Or Isabel. Or Annie. Annieís all princessy now too.

Mom:  After today, I think a little princess practice would be good for you.  I told Mrs. Aloi you are going to do it.

Marty:  But momó

Mom:  But nothing.  Youíre going to school tomorrow and report for princess duty. (Mom turns and leaves)

Marty:  This is so not fair.

(Booktalk by the Sequoya Youth Book Award committee, 2014)

Booktalk #2

Marty is a third grade girl who prefers blue jeans to dresses, and outdoor fun things like frog hunting instead of playing princess. She loves second grade. Before heading off for summer vacation, Martyís second grade teacher tells the class how wonderful third grade will be. There will be lots of special activities, including a school play. But things donít start out well for Marty. She loses her best friend to another classmate. As if things arenít bad enough, when The Frog Prince is announced as the school play for this year, and all the roles are assigned, Marty is given the role of the princess! How can a girl like Marty, who prefers science, nature and slimy creatures, find a way to succeed as a princess in the school play? Will she eventually find something to like about third grade? You will enjoy getting to know Marty McGuire.  (Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award nominee, 2014)

SUBJECTS:     Theater -- Fiction.
                        Schools -- Fiction.

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