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McNamee, Graham.
New York : Wendy Lamb Books, 2003.
ISBN 0385901445

(3 booktalks)

Booktalk #1

Duncan's summer is about to get worse.  This is his last summer before graduation.  He'd love just hanging out with his friends but his dad was able to get him a job.  And what a lousy job.  He's working under the city in the transit authority lost and found.  All day he sorts and retrieves and packs up the unclaimed items.  Sometimes when it is slow, Duncan picks up a book from the lost and found and reads.  What he reads this time is not what he expects.  This isn't a regular book.  It's more of a diary.  The more he reads, the more he becomes convinced that this is the diary of a serial killer.  And it's up to Duncan to stop him.

Booktalk #2

I want to tell you guys about this exciting book I just read.  Itís called Acceleration and itís by Graham McNamee.  First of all, look at this cover.  Whatís the first thing you see when you look at it?  The eyes?  It gave me the feeling right away that there was going to be a sinister character in this book, and I wanted to know more about him right away.  So I started reading the book and I met Duncan the main character.  Heís 17 and he has a boring summer job.  How many of you have ever had a boring summer job? - yeah, me too.  Well Duncanís job is in the dungeon of the subway system.  He organizes items in the lost and found.  Pretty boring, huh?  Well it's not so boring when Duncan is looking through a stack of books at work, and he notices one that stands out.  It has a plain leather cover and when he opens it he realizes itís someoneís journal.  Of course he reads it, and itís really disturbing - all about this guy mutilating animals and starting fires.  He gets really worried when the guy starts writing about plans to start ďhunting.Ē Can you imagine reading the thoughts of a disturbed criminal?  Lemme just read you a little bit of it...
Read excerpt from page 47
It sounds like this guy is going to commit murder.  What do you guys think Duncan should do?  What would you do? He thinks about going to the cops, but heís got a record, and his fingerprints are now all over the journal. Will they even take him seriously?  Can Duncan track the guy down himself?  Whatís he gonna do if he finds him?  Check out Acceleration to find out.  (Stella Shafer, MLIS student, iSchool, University of Washington)

Booktalk #3

Duncan is obsessed with a girl he doesn't even know. Maya. He only saw her for a minute. He's never even talked to her. But he hears her screaming in his dreams all the time. Last summer, he was swimming in the lake when Maya got pulled under and drowned. He couldn't get to her on time. Even though swimming was the only thing he was really good at, he couldn't save her.  Duncan was always taught that guys should be heroes, but he failed to save her.

So he feels like he fits in at his new summer job at the dungeon, also known as the lost and found for the Toronto subway. Looking through the lost items, Duncan finds a diary.  It has the strangest leather cover that feels almost like skin.  Someone left it on the train, and it is filled with the most twisted and disgusting stories. Animal mutilations, torture, abuse...and plans to capture and kill three women. Duncan has found the diary of a serial killer.

What should he do with it? Duncan knows that he found this diary for a reason. He won't go to the police. If he can save these women from this killer himself, he can finally make up for not saving that girl in the lake. But is it safe for a high school student to be stalking a sadistic serial killer? How far will he go to make up for the past? And will he survive to find out?  (Jessica Ewing, Queens Library, Queens, New York)

SUBJECTS:     Serial murderers -- Fiction.
                        Diaries -- Fiction.
                        Summer employment -- Fiction.
                        Toronto (Ont.) -- Fiction.
                        Canada -- Fiction.
                        Mystery and detective stories.


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