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McLaren, Clemence.
New York : Laureleaf
ISBN: 0440227496
       Unfortunately for Helen, she's the most beautiful woman in the world.  Not that she cares about her beauty; she'd rather be riding horses.  But lots of other people do care, especially men--it's true! Helen is so beautiful, even though she's only twelve years old--and King Theseus steals her away from her family.  She's a treasure that's better than gold, than horses, than goods--her father will pay anything to get her back.
        And then Helen falls in love, and it's not with her husband.  She falls in love with a prince named Paris, a prince of the city Troy.  Paris is Helen's true love; together they run away to from Helen's husband's home in Sparta, where Paris is a guest, to Paris's family's home in Troy. Everyone loves Helen; she is beautiful, and kind, and sweet.  Paris entrusts Helen to his sister Cassandra, who is drawn to her, even though she is afraid.  Because, you see, Cassandra has a gift, or a curse--she can see the future.  And when she sees beautiful Helen together with beautiful Paris, she sees the city of Troy in flames, dead people around her, the Greeks slaughtering people as they stand in the street. Cassandra's vision becomes a reality--Menelaus, Helen's husband, goes to war for her.  Helen's beauty is so powerful that men will kill in order to regain her.  Read Inside the Walls of Troy to find out the fate of the Trojan women. (Stacy Charlesbois,  Adult & Young Adult Services Librarian,,  Farmington Community Library, Farmington, Michigan)
SUBJECTS:     Helen of Troy (Greek mythology) -- Fiction.
                        Cassandra (Legendary character) -- Fiction.
                        Trojan War -- Fiction.


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