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McKissack, Patricia C. 
New York : Atheneum/Anne Schwartz Books, 2005
IL K-3, RL 3.2
ISBN 0689851944

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Booktalk #1

Have you ever been home alone? Did you feel proud of yourself for being home alone, or were you afraid every time you heard a floorboard creak or the wind rustle against the windows? In this story, Precious is left home alone with a stomachache while her family goes to work. Before she leaves, Mama warns Precious-- "Don't let nothing or nobody into this house, not even me cause I got a key.” Then, her big brother pulls her aside and warns her about the Boo Hag! Precious never heard of no Boo Hag before! Brother tells her how strange, tricky, and scary the Boo Hag is and how she’ll try anything to get into the house. He tells her, “She can disguise herself to look like anything, and worse than that, she tries to make you disobey yo’ mama!” Sure enough, before Precious can even  enjoy the peace and quiet, the Boo Hag comes calling! Will she be clever enough to outwit even the trickiest trickster? Read Precious and Boo Hag by Patricia McKissack and Onawumi Jean Moss to find out.  (Prepared by Teri Puryear for SCASL Picture Book Awards, 2007-2008)

Booktalk #2

After suffering with a stomach ache all night, Mama declares Precious is too sick to join her at work in the corn fields. She reluctantly agrees to let Precious spend the day at home alone. Brother warns her to beware of nasty Pruella, the Boo Hag who will do anything to get inside. After a promise to Mama not to let “nothin’ and nobody into this house”, Precious is left on her own.   Throughout the day a variety of suspicious creatures appear begging to be let in.  Could this be the Boo Hag brother warned about?  Will Precious be strong enough to resist the temptations and trickery of the Boo Hag or will she give in?    (Jean B. Bellavance for Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Awards, 2007-2008)

SUBJECTS:     Monsters -- Fiction.
                        Courage -- Fiction.
                        Sick -- Fiction.
                        African Americans -- Fiction.

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