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McKissack, Patricia.
New York : Dell Yearling, 2001.
IL 5-8, RL 6.9
ISBN 0679890068
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          People have been scared of ghosts, witches and monsters throughout time. Were you ever afraid of a monster in your closet or under your bed or just monsters that you knew came out at night. Are you still? Ten-year-old Missy is. She is the “president of the St. Louis chapter of the Monster Watchers of America, an expert on spotting monster. So when she moved to stay with her grandparents in Tennessee, she knew right away a monster lived in the chicken coup. It had “hot mean eyes and foul breath and she could feel it always watching her when she was playing outside. One night her grandmother asked Missy to go lock the chicken coup. But Missy knew the monster would be waiting on her. She could hear its tail swishing. Her grandmother was asking her to break rule number five: Get in the house before dark and don’t go out by yourself. “No,” Missy screamed. She couldn’t do it and ran in the house crying. But Missy’s grandfather told her about a time when he had to face a monster when he was boy and he made it go away. Would Missy have the courage to face her monster? Or would it always haunt her and control her fears?
                    Read The Chicken Coup Monster, just one of the Southern Supernatural Tales in the book The Dark Thirty by Patricia C. McKisssack, to discover what choices Missy makes.  (Lisa M. Cave,, North Middle High School Library)
SUBJECTS:     Ghosts -- Fiction. 
                      Horror stories. 
                      African Americans -- Fiction. 
                      Short stories. 


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