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McDonald, Janet.
New York : Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2001.
ISBN 0374371407
Unwed teenage mothers bring about many avenues of adversity.

                    “Raven wished she could get used to her new world….

                    ‘Then I need to take some lessons from Star because I’m still trying to get my bearings, what with no sleep, smelly diapers, and baby spit-up.  But the worst part is being cooped up all day with a baby, bored.  When it’s somebody else’s and you’re just waiting for them to come home and pay you, that’s different, but when it’s you with your own….You know, Ai, if you don’t come by I mostly sit here with nobody to talk to , watching people throw chairs on talk shows.  I have nothing to do and a million things to do at the same time.  Nothing to do for me, a million things to do for the baby.  I can’t even read a book because I have to watch him every second.’

                    Raven’s life has been derailed.  She never expected to be a mother at sixteen like her best friend, Aisha.  Is she going to be just another high school dropout, a project girl with few prospects? What about the baby’s father?  Raven doesn’t even know the father’s last name.  She met him at a party.  If she runs into him again, what will he do when he learns he has a baby? Read Spellbound to enter Raven’s reality of teenage motherhood and broken dreams.  (Melanie Crumpton,, West Ashley Middle School, Charleston, SC)

SUBJECTS:     Teenage mothers -- Fiction.
                        High school dropouts -- Fiction.
                        Best friends -- Fiction.
                        English language -- Spelling -- Fiction.
                        African Americans -- Fiction.


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