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McDaniel, Lurlene.
New York : Bantam, 2002.
ISBN 0553570870
On the way home from a basketball game one night the two couples are driving on a deserted country road. Suddenly another car filled with teenagers comes up behind them, riding their bumper. Tucker slows down and the car passes them, then slows down so Tucker has to as well. Annoyed, Tucker speeds up to try and pass them, and the next thing Trisha knows she lying in the snow, dazed and in shock. The car stereo is blaring and she canít find her friends.

For most of high school now itís been the four of them Ė best friends Trisha and Christina, and their boyfriends Cody and Tucker. Lately however, itís been getting harder and harder for Trisha to tolerate the way Tucker treats her friend. He gets angry when Christina talks to other guys, he wants her to spend all of her free time with him, and worst of all he is trying to talk Christina out of attending an out-of-state college that has offered her a scholarship because then theyíll be apart. The week before Valentineís Day Trisha finds out that Tucker is planning to ask Christina to marry him. To her itís not a romantic ideal however, but more of a trick on Tuckerís part to keep Christina close by, and she hopes Christina can see through it.

Unfortunately, Tucker never gets the chance to propose. On the way home from a basketball game one night the four of them are involved in a terrible car accident. Trisha is injured, Cody is in a coma and Christina is killed. Trisha and Christina have been best friends since seventh grade. They never imagined life without the other in it. And now Trisha is without Cody as well. Lonely, devastated and still in shock, the survivors struggle to put their lives back together.

Susan Dunn  (Colorado Blue Spruce Children's Award)

SUBJECTS:     Death -- Fiction.
                        Grief -- Fiction.
                        Survival -- Fiction.


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