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McBride, Lish.
New York : Henry Holt, 2010
ISBN 0805090983
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Sam is just an average guy - happily living a slacker life, working at Plumpy's as a fry cook, and hanging out with his friends. His philosophy is that he may be a drop-out loser, but he's going to be the BEST dropout loser he can be. One afternoon after a game of potato hockey in the back parking lot, a strange man comes in. He grabs Sam, lifts him up by his shirt sending a bolt of cold electricity through Sam, and demands to know what he's is doing in Seattle without permission of the Council. Sam has no idea what he's talking about. Later that night on his way out of the restaurant, yet another man grabs him, sniffs him and says "you smell like the grave...and blood." When Sam's friend tries to run the creepy guy over with his car, creepy guy tears the bumper off! The next day a unexpected package is delivered to Sam's apartment. Inside is the disembodied head of his best friend, Brooke. That would be scary enough, but Brooke's head begins to TALK! But it's all good because she's kept her sassy personality even without her body. That's when things get really interesting!

In another part of town, the hot daughter of the leader of Seattle's werewolf pack has been kidnapped and is being held in an iron cage. And Douglas, her captor, has Sam in his sights. You see, Sam's mother is a witch and Sam is a necromancer - someone with the ability to raise the dead. Sam is unaware of his powers, but once he is trained, he will be a threat to Douglas' powers. Douglas is out to eliminate the competition before it get out of hand.

Sam's adventure on the dark side is a real roller coaster ride. Who knew that Seattle is inhabited all manner of paranormal creatures? The story of Sam and his friends (both human and not) is a funny, scary story (or a scary, funny) first novel by a young, quirky Seattle author. Be ready to laugh one minute and cringe the next. (booktalk Diane Ferbrache by Hazen High School Library for
Evergreen Young Adult Book Award 2013)

SUBJECTS:     Supernatural -- Fiction.
                        Magic -- Fiction.
                        Dead -- Fiction.
                        Werewolves -- Fiction.
                        Identity -- Fiction.
                        Seattle (Wash.) -- Fiction.

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