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Matthews, Thomas.
Lulu Press, 2003.
ISBN 1411601106
    This novel is a story wrapped within emotion. From the depths of depression to the heights of happiness, it takes one on a journey not soon to be forgotten.
    What would you do were the source of joy in your life ripped from yours arms? And how would you react if that source was then taken again, farther away? Summer Pine is a story told from the viewpoint of Devon van Deventer, a now forty year old man, who at the age of twenty-five had such a source removed from his life. Recalling the past events, inspired by the demands of "the Words", Devon begins to relive his past, to recall those moments of joy, for reasons only the Words understand. They take him back to when he shared his life with Chase Willows, a troubled boy who was introduced to Devon shortly after his parents died, and they awaken a need in Devon to remember the true nature of the relationship between them, and the profound and righteous love a man and a boy can share. While Devon travels back to his past, and breathes again the events of a time seemingly ancient in nature, Keagan Carstens, a six year old boy whose arrival seems to conspire with !the Words to bring Devon toward closure, begins an insistent meddling into the embittered man's world.
    Through the innocent nature of Keagan's strange determination, and the similarities Devon draws between this new boy and Chase, Devon begins closing the book of his unjust past to make way for a promised future of resolution. Little by little, Keagan unknowingly coerces the mourning man to once again engage in the present, and allow his past its rest. ISBN: 1-4116-0110-6  (PAtrick,


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