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Mason, Adrienne.
San Francisco : Sierra Club Books, c1999.
ISBN  1578050448
What comes to mind when you think of predators in nature?  (Pause for responses)  No one mentioned spiders, yet they are one of natureís most formidable predators.  With close to 38,000 known species (compared to 4,000 species of mammals) itís hard to avoid spiders.  There are undoubtedly at least several in this classroom, all looking for prey.    The World of the Spider introduces you to the major species of spiders.  These are a few of my favorites. The Australian redback widow spider (p. 18) devours her mate while they are mating.  Spiders, like the black-and-yellow argiope use their webs to capture prey (p. 8), and can build a web within a day of hatching.  What could you do a day after birth? Some spiders are even quite cute.  Take a look at the adorable jumping spider (p. 14).  Donít kill that spiderólook at him closely and see if heís featured in The World of the Spider.  (Mary Huebscher, Librarian, Holy Cross High School, San Antonio, TX 78228 <>)
SUBJECTS:     Spiders.


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