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Marsh, Laura.
Washington DC : National Geographic, 2012
IL K-3
ISBN 142631048X
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Imagine that you live in a difficult place where itís hard to find food and there are lots of enemies. It can also be cold and dark. The ocean is such a tough place. To survive, some of its inhabitants look real funny and do some strange things. Look at the stonefish. It finds safety by looking like a rock or coral on the ocean floor. If a fish swims close, the stonefish jumps up and has a meal. Some creatures that live in the deep ocean have special skills. Would you believe that some can make their own light to look for food? The black dragonfish has spots in parts of its body that glow. The light attracts prey. As incredible as it sounds, there is even a fish called the anglefish that has its own fishing pole. This pole glows and attracts fish. Meet some of the other amazing sea creatures in this cool book. (May Harn Liu,,  librarian)

SUBJECTS:      Marine animals.

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