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Marsden, Carolyn.
Candlewick Press, 2002
IL 3-6, RL 5.3
ISBN 0763615692

(3 booktalks)

Booktalk #1

We have all wanted things that weren’t good for us and we’ve been willing to take chances with important things and people to reach these inappropriate goals. So, we can all understand how Oy feels and how the beautiful dress becomes a means to being accepted. In this charming story, we see how we are all alike in some ways even though we are all so unique and different. It encourages us to value our differences and learn how to deal with others who don’t. It helps us see who and what is really important.

Prepared by: Marcia S. Russo for The South Carolina Children's Book Award  nominees 2005

Booktalk #2

Fourth-grader Oy, a Thai-American student new to a predominately Mexican-American school, struggles to fit into the popular group of girls. Trouble follows when the girls see Oy’s treasured ceremonial Thai dress and decide to include it in their club initiation rites. This brief, but well-written story delicately describes Oy’s emotions and inner conflicts as she searches for an understanding of herself and her classmates in this uncomfortable, yet familiar, peer situation.  (Sunshine State Young Reader’s Award Program, 2004-2005)

Booktalk #3

Oy is a shy fourth grader struggling to find her place in a new school. Desperate to make friends and fit in with the popular girls, she promises to bring in her gold- threaded dress worn only for special Thai ceremonies. What harm could possibly come to the dress in one day at school? Oy will be very careful, but will that be enough? Read this story to find out what consequences Oy will face.  (Jean B. Bellavance for Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Awards, 2004-2005)

SUBJECTS:     Identity -- Fiction.
                        Thai Americans -- Fiction.
                        Prejudices -- Fiction.
                        Moving, Household -- Fiction.
                        Friendship -- Fiction


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