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Markle, Sandra.
New York : Walker, 2008
IL K-3, RL 3.2
ISBN 0802796974
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Welcome to the world of baby spiders. Some of them are so small that you might not see them. The black and yellow garden baby spiders are no bigger than the letter o. There are spiders all over the world except Antarctica. When spiders produce babies, they protect them carefully.  Letís look at the female scorpion-tailed spider. She covers her egg mass in a coating of silk strands. The silk is strong and weather resistant so that the babies inside develop safely. One astonishing- looking female spider called the wolf spider actually carries her egg sac with her as she searches for something to eat. When the babies are ready to come out, hundred of them pour out of the egg sac and onto their motherís back, tightly clinging together and staying on board until they grow a bit bigger and can hunt for food themselves. What do these spiders eat? You probably know that most spiders eat insects, but did you know that some spiders eat other spiders? Did you know that some, like tarantulas, consume small animals like mice or birds? Find out more about these amazing spiders in Baby spiders.  (May Harn Liu, Email Address:
SUBJECTS:     Spiders.

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