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Marciano, John Bemelmans.
New York : Viking, 2003.
IL 5-8, RL 6.4
ISBN 0670036609
Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a squirrel and a rat?  Harold is a squirrel who lives in a park on Manhattan Island in New York City.  He has a wonderful life jumping from tree to tree and eating the nuts that people throw to him.  He has a very nice nest and a very nice bushy tail.  But Sidney, a mean city rat, tricks Harold into shaving his bushy tail so that Harold will look like a rat.  Now no one wants Harold to be near them.  Sidney, the rat, glues Harold's tail fur onto his own rat tail.  The tables are turned for Harold and Sidney.  Harold loses his home and his human friends to Sidney.  The only thing for Harold to do is to run away.  He meets and lives with a group of friendly rats that teach Harold the ways of street life.  How long will it take for Harold's fur to grow back so that he looks like a squirrel again and what happens to Sidney?  Read Harold's Tail by John Bemelmans Marciano.   (New Hampshire Great Stone Face Committee, 2004-05)
SUBJECTS:     Squirrels -- Fiction.
                        Rats -- Fiction.


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