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Logue, Mary.
New York : HarperCollins, 2000.
ISBN 0060283181
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                    Tonia is seventeen.  She lives in a suburb of Minneapolis.  Up until this summer her life has been pretty normal.  But this summer, while at a nearby beach, she saves a young man who was drowning.  After regaining consciousness, the young man looked at Tonia and smiled and “said a word that she had never heard before…it sounded like birdsong, it started high and went low and entered her heart.”
                        This word that Tonia heard was the first sign that this young man is not an ordinary person.  As the title of the story indicates, he is an alien.  But, not in the scary, horrible way that we usually see in the movies.  Branko, the alien, is sweet, kind and gentle.  He and Tonia fall in love right away.  Although he has been coached on how to act “human” so as to not attract attention while on earth, Branko has a hard time understanding all the complexities of human behavior and some of the things he does and says are funny and some times cause Tonia problems.  When people ask him where he’s from, he says Romania!
                        It is Tonia’s friend, Beatrice, who has also fallen in love for the first time this summer, who first starts to have suspicions about Branko’s origin.
                        When Tonia becomes suspicious too, she begins to question Branko about why he came to Earth and is surprised when he gives her a very honest answer…and then asks her a very difficult question.
                        To find out why Branko came to Earth and what question he asks Tonia, read this story.
                        Great story for a YA looking for a romance or for a science fiction story.  Easy to read and fun!  (Francoise H. Fussell,,  Universtiy of South Carolina, College of Library & Information )
SUBJECTS:     Extraterrestrial beings -- Fiction. 
                       Family life -- Fiction. 
                       Love -- Fiction. 


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