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Littke,  Lael
New York : Scholastic, 1989.
ISBN 0590419293
Hello, my name is Amanda. I would like to have a second of your time to tell you about "Prom Dress." I enjoyed this book because it is excitting and will keep you guessing what will happen until the very end. This book is about a girl in her teens who is dating the most popular guy at school and he wants to take her to prom but her family is poor.
       Her dad died and her mom is working a job that doesn't pay enough for the kind of dress it would take to impress her guy. She works as a housekeeper for her next door neighbor. She is a little old and odd but asks her to borrow a beautiful dress she caught a glimps of in the attic, but the lady refuses. It took part in a horrible tragedy at her prom in which a monsterous scar was produced on her face. To find out the rest, you'll have to read "Prom Dress."  (Amanda, student, Musselman Middle School. Bunker Hill, WV
SUBJECTS:     Horror stories.


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