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Lester, Helen.
New York : Houghton Mifflin, 2003.
IL K-3, RL 5.6
ISBN 0618254064
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Everyone is afraid of something. For me itís snakes and spiders. For my mom itís driving. For you it could be mean dogs or lightning storms. Being afraid is perfectly normal. It is only bad when your fear keeps you from enjoying life like it did for poor Twitchly Fidget. Twitchly is a lemur that is afraid of everything. He wonít shampoo his hair because he is afraid that it wonít rinse out and birds will be attracted to his head. He wonít eat cereal because he is afraid that the crunchy noises might make him jump and hit his head. He wonít wear sneakers because heís afraid that he may put them on the wrong feet. He wonít celebrate the holidays with his fellow lemurs because heís afraid that something might happen. So poor Twitchly sits alone in his dreary, windowless, door less hut and waits for the worst to happen. Until one day his Aunt Bridget Fidget drops by and changes everything. To find out how Aunt Bridget turns everything around and saves Twitchly from his fears, read Something Might Happen by Helen Lester.  (Zina L. Watkins, University of South Carolina)
SUBJECTS:     Worry -- Fiction. 
                      Fear -- Fiction. 
                      Lemurs -- Fiction. 
                      Aunts -- Fiction. 


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