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Laybourne, Emmy.
New York : Feiwel and Friends, 2015

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Booktalk #1

This is going to be the cruise of a lifetime.  Laurel can't believe that she gets to go.  There is no way her family could afford to send her but her best friend's father has paid her way. The curise is filled with celebrities and the ship is amazing.  This is the launch of Solu -- a new sweetener that actually helps you loose weight.  The world has been waiting for this and the guest on this cruise will be the first to use it.   Laurel is wondering if she can really fit in and when the  Tom Forelli, the hottest celeb on the cruise, starts to talk to her, she throws up on his shoes.  Not a great start.  Little does she know that things will get a lot worse on this cruise.  When she realizes that Solu may have shocking side effects, can she convince her best friend to stop taking it?

Booktalk #2

(rushes into room, out of breath) (whispering) “Hi everyone...look, I don’t have much time.” (looks behind self, paranoid) “Solu isn’t what you think it is. Everyone on this ship wanted to get skinny fast...well, now we have more serious problems. DON’T TAKE IT! It will turn you into a murderous shell of a human! You won’t be able to get enough of it!” (pauses, thinks) “That’s ironic, considering people are taking it because they have control issues to begin with.” (shrugs) “Now I see why extensive testing and research is important before giving people a food additive. But now it’s too late. Even my best friend is affected...I never thought I would have to leave her for dead. This is too horrible for words.” (hears a scream. Talks faster) “Okay, I’m almost out of time. We’re trying to look for a way out of this mess. And by we, I mean Tom. He’s the only positive development on this cruise. And by positive, I mean extremely hot. Okay, can you blame me? A hot reality TV star is interested in me, a sort-of-plain-a-little-chubbyregular-girl. Who now apparently needs to figure out how to save the world.” (hears pounding on doors and more screaming) “I have to run! Remember what I said! AVOID SOLU!” (Prepared by: Jamie Gregory, James F. Byrnes High School, , South Carolina Young Adult Book Award, 2018)

SUBJECTS:    Celebrities -- Fiction.
                        Cruise ships -- Fiction.
                        Drugs -- Side effects -- Fiction.
                        Science fiction.
                        Survival -- Fiction.
                        Sweeteners -- Ficiton.

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