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Koss, Amy Goldman.
New York : Puffin Books, 2002.
IL 5-8, RL 7.1
ISBN 0142300330
What is the price of friendship?  Would you allow yourself to be insulted and controlled?  Would you dump one friend at the insistence of another?  Would you do anything to be friends with the most popular girl in school?  It cost to be friends with the ever-popular Candace.  Maya remembered the day that Candace came by and asked her to “do lunch.”  How lucky she thought she was to be chosen by someone so popular.  The other girls, Renee, Darcy, and Brianna were already Candace friends, so they were part of the package Maya received when she became one of the girls.  Once Candace was her friend, they were too.  At first the cost to Maya had been her old friends, who she gradually dropped.  Later Candace would make a comment about her that sounded mean, but of course it really wasn't; anyway, Candace was usually right about things.  It was all worth it, being one of the girls.

But suddenly, for some unknown reason Maya was no longer worthy to be part of the group.  Candace had dumped her.  And it seemed as though the other girls were dumping her too.  What could she have done that was so horrible?  What were the other girls thinking and saying about her?  How would she face them?  Is this what friendship is all about?  (Gail A. King,, University of South Carolina)

SUBJECTS:     Friendship -- Fiction.
                        Behavior -- Fiction.


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