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Knowles, Jo. 
Somerville, MA : Candlewick Press, 2012
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ďAll will be well.Ē Thatís what Fernís friend, Ran, always tells her. And itís always been true. Ran has always had a way of getting Fern through the difficult things in her life. Things like her dad's hare-brained schemes of bringing publicity to the family's ice cream parlor/diner; or the way her mother is always running off to meditate, leaving Fern and her brothers and sisters (but mostly Fern, it seems) to deal with situations that come up; or the problems her older brother, Holden, is having with bullies at their middle school and their parents, who just canít seem to deal with who Holden really is. Then thereís her little brother, Charlie, a tag-along baby, who gets away with everything because, at three-years-old, heís just so darned cute. Fern is always left to take care of him, and she gets pretty tired of it. But Ran and his mantra are always there to help Fern through.
But then the day comes when it seems that Ranís mantra just isnít enough. When a tragic death strikes Fernís family, everything comes apart, and Fern is sure itís all her fault. Her mother shuts down, her siblings deal with it in their own ways, and her dad tries to keep the family together. But nothing is the same, and Fernís self-blame is threatening to overwhelm her. Not even Ran can make this better. Can all really ever be well, ever again? Read See You at Harryís, by Jo Knowles, to find out how Fern and her family come to grips with a tragedy so awful, nothing in their lives will ever be the same. 
(South Carolina Junior Book Award nominee 2015,  Prepared by: Julie Hornick, River Oaks Middle School, )

SUBJECTS:     Family problems -- Fiction.
                        Brothers and sisters -- Fiction.
                        Homosexuality -- Fiction.
                        Grief -- Fiction.
                        Restaurants -- Fiction.

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