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Klass, Sheila Solomon
New York : Charles Scribner's Sons, 1983.

IL 5-8 .
Jessica Van Norden is fifteen and living with her father and his new wife. Jessica had lived with her Grandmother for awhile but her Grandmother was so obsessed with her aches and pains, it was making Jessica a bit nuts. Now she feels she's in the way of her father and his new wife. She really wants to go to boarding school like her friends have done. She meets a new boy and finds his support helpful. He is very uneasy talking about illness and tries to avoid any discussion of it. Jessica's Grandmother has become ill and needs to go to a nursing home. Jessica can't understand why Peter won't talk to her about her feelings until she finds out that Peter has hemophilia and doesn't want anything to do with illness. When Peter is in a motorcycle accident, Jessica spends time with him in the hospital. She knows she'll miss him terribly if she goes away, she's still determined to go to boarding school.


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