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King, Stephen
New York : Pocket Books, 2000.
ISBN: 0671042858
Imagine being trapped in the woods, with nothing to eat, and no way to get help. This is what happens in The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King.
Trisha was on a hike with her mother and her brother. Trisha was 10 years old and big for her age and size. She weighs about 100 pounds. The only way she could hear someone’s voice was by a little cheap radio. All she heard was the Red Sox game against the Yankees. She got lost in the woods because she had to go to the bathroom, so she got off the trail, but she thought that she could take a short cut.  She got lost and she will never she her mother or brother again. She thought that her mother would put out a search party to get her out of the woods for once and for all. She went deeper in the woods, where she got even more lost. She fell down a huge hill hitting a wasp nest on the way down. Many wasps stung her. Then she got really swollen, from head to toe. She found a stream and put mud on her stings, which she thought that would kill the pain.  She went down the stream to come to this smelly swamp. Now it goes all down hill. Then she really gets lost, but she finds a rustbox truck. Also she finds a road which she thinks it wouldn’t lead to citizens of America. Oops I forgot the ending. Maybe YOU SHOULD read the book to find out what happens to her. Your question would be, “Did she make it out or did she die and the New Hampshire Park Rangers find her body”. If you want to  find out what happens you should read the book The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King.  (Daryl C., 8th grade student, Rundlett Middle School)
SUBJECTS:     Children of divorced parents -- Fiction.
                        Baseball players -- Fiction.
                        Appalachian Trail -- Fiction
                        Adventure fiction.
                        Psychological fiction


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