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King, Stephen
New York : Simon and Schuster, 1999
ISBN 0671046160
This collection of short stories by Stephen King will not disappoint his fans.  Available only on audiocassette or CD, King himself narrates this trilogy of tales.  In  one tale, a writer has come to a hotel to spend the night.  The writer is known for writing about famous haunted places.  He has heard that Room 1408 has a history and a mystery to it.  The hotel manager begs the writer not to insist that he be allowed in the room.  After all, no one has stayed in that room in over 20 years.  The hotel manager tells of suicides, heart attacks and other untimely deaths of guests who have stayed in Room 1408.  Nothing can deter the writer from his goal and the hotel manager finally gives in.  Just what does the writer find in that eerie room?  To find out, listen to Stephen King reading BLOOD & SMOKE.
SUBJECTS:     Horror


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