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Khan, Ruskana
New York : Groundwood Books/House of Anansi Press, 2009
ISBN 0888998627
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The title of the book is Wanting Mor by Ruskana Khan and the genre is Contemporary Realistic Fiction. The story opens with the death of the Jameela’s mother, Mor.  Jameela must leave her home and travel with her father to live in Kabul. After the father remarries, Jameela becomes the Cinderella of the new family where she has to cook and clean for them. When Jameela starts to learn how to read, the new wife becomes very angry.

“What is going on here?”

I jump to my feet and spin around. Masood looks incredibly guilty. My stepmother tries to see behind us but we both block her view. She shoves me to the side and I land on the heap of bricks. Bending over, she peers at the marks in the dirt.

“What is this? Masood, why are you wasting her time?”

Then she turns to me. “Don’t you know the power’s back on? Get in there and sweep that floor.”

“Yes, Mother”

I hope she doesn't erase those marks. I wish it so hard. I would do anything she wants, if she just doesn't erase those marks. Then I hear her yelling at Masood.

“Stop filling her head with useless ideas! They won't make her a better worker!”

Masood mumbles something I can't make out.

“What did you say?” she hisses.

 “What does it have to do with you if I teach her?” he says.

And I hear a slap, flat on the top of his head. He gets to his feet and rushes to his room. She's still yelling after him and then I can hear her rubbing her feet on the ground. The sound of rubber sandals erasing the letters in the dirt is unmistakable.

What will happen to Jameela now? Read this book based on a true story of a girl with a strong faith in the face of much adversity and her experience journey.
(Mary Kiritsy,, college student)

SUBJECTS:     Afghan War, 2001- -- Fiction.
                        Girls -- Afghanistan -- Fiction.
                        Orphanages -- Afghanistan -- Fiction.
                        Afghanistan -- Fiction.

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