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Kessler, Liz.
Boston : Candlewick, 2004.
IL 3-6
ISBN 0763624837

(2 booktalks)

Booktalk #1

Emily Windsnap has never been in the water.  Well, sure she has taken showers during her twelve years but she hasn't even been in a bathtub full of water.  Not that she hasn't wanted to.  She has begged her mother for years to let her have swimming lessons.  But, her mother is terrified of the water and doesn't want Emily near it.  But she finally relents and agrees to let Emily take lessons.  During the first class, Emily is amazed at how comfortable she feels in the water.  She glides underneath just as if she had been doing it all her life.  But then something happens.  Her legs begin to feel as if they were attached.  And then they go numb.  Emily is terribly frightened and doesn't know what is happening.  What is wrong with her legs?

Booktalk #2

Emily is finally going to learn to swim. Little does she know that she already can. In fact, she can swim just like a fish, well almost. As the seventh grade gathers by the pool, Emily tumbles into the water and discovers the most incredible secret about herself!  Terrified, Emily exited the pool so quickly no one could have possibly noticed the change in her, or could they have?  (New Hampshire Great Stone Face committee, 2005-2006)

SUBJECTS:     Mermaids -- Fiction.
                        Swimming -- Fiction.
                        Houseboats -- Fiction.
                        Neptune (Roman deity) -- Fiction.


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