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Kaufman, Amie. 
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2015

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Booktalk #1

Time is running out for Kady and Ezra. After their breakup they have decided not to speak to each other but when BeiTech, a corrupt corporation, attacks their planet they are thrown back together in furiously paced race for survival. Fleeing their embattled planet they become trapped on different spaceships, heading for safety. But the ships are anything but safe: the enemy is hot on their heels, a deadly virus threatens to decimate the crew and refugees, and the shipís AI seems to be malfunctioning. Ezra joins the fight and pulls duty as a fighter pilot while Kady puts her hacking skills to use in order to find out BeiTechís plans. Illuminae is nonstop action, intrigue, and thrills from start to finish and is told through multiple formats with a unique and eye-catching layout. 
(Georgia Peach Book Award for Teen Readers 2017-2018 Nominees)

Booktalk #2

Teen Kady thought the toughest part of her day was breaking up with her boyfriend, Ezra. Then missiles start raining down on her planet Kerenza and sheís thrust into an all-out fight for survival as it becomes clear that the rival BeiTech Corporation has launched the deadly attack. All Kerenza colonists are evacuated onto three space ships, with Kady and Ezra ending up on different ones as they try to figure out whatís happening. Daring adventures and fight scenes keep the action moving and time appears to be running out when one of the escaping space ships is blown up. Is this a BeiTech ship catching up to them or a different sinister plot? As if thatís not enough chaos and tension, thereís a virus loose on one of the ships that turns people into zombies. The story is told through unique narration devices: instant messages, transcripts of video clips, graphics, military reports, emails, and the shipís AI computer. If youíre looking for an adventure tale told in a fun way thatís full of action and a little romance, then this is the book for you--even if youíre not usually a science fiction fan. (Sherri Ashlock, Teacher-Librarian Nelsen Middle School, Renton, WA , Evergreen Teen Book Award 2017-18)

SUBJECTS:     Artificial intelligence -- Fiction.
                        Interplanetary voyages -- Fiction.
                        Plague -- Fiction.
                        Science fiction.

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