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Jenkins, Jerry B. and Tim LeHaye
Wheaton, Ill. : Tyndale House, 1998.
IL 5-8
ISBN 0842321942
Judd, Vicki, Lionel and Ryan have been left behind after the Rapture.  They all have their own story to tell.  Judd, Vicki and Lionel have to come to grips with the fact that their families have been called to Heaven during the Rapture.  The three teens have been left behind because of their doubts.  Ryan faces a different reality.  His parents were not called but were killed shortly afterwards during the chaos.  He will not believe that his parents have not been called to Heaven.  He simply cannot face the alternative.  The four teens band together during the days following the Rapture and learn that they indeed have a second chance to be called.  If they can find Jesus and survive during the seven years of tribulation, they may one day find themselves in Heaven.  Join these teens as they come to terms with their new life in SECOND CHANCE.
SUBJECTS:     End of the world
                        Christian life
                        Religious - Christian
                       Action & Adventure


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