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Holt, Kimberly Willis
New York : Henry Holt, 1998.
IL 5-8
ISBN  0805052518

(2 booktalks)

Booktalk #1

Tiger Ann Parker is a happy little girl growing up in Louisiana in the 1950's. She's very bright and always gets straight A's and has won the spelling bee several years in a row. What is unusual is that both of her parents are mentally challenged. Tiger loves her parents very much despite their handicaps. It's not until she enters middle school that Tiger feels embarrassed about her parents. Kids start teasing her and she is left out. When Tiger's grandmother dies, Tiger goes to live in the city with her Aunt since her parents can't care for her on their own. At first, it's exciting to be able to reinvent herself. She cuts her hair and starts using the name Ann. The more she reinvents herself, the more Tiger comes to realize the struggles that her parents endure every day. Join Tiger on her journey of self discovery and spend time under MY LOUISIANA SKY.

Booktalk #2

Tiger Ann Parker knows what friendship is all about.  She has one in Jesse Wade, who doesn't mind that she can hit the baseball farther than anybody else in Saitter.  He also doesn't mind that her Momma and Daddy are slow.  Tiger never used to mind that either.  But she is growing up and there is more to life than playing baseball.  She sees Abby Lynn and her crowd sitting in a circle with their saddle shoes and bobbed hair.  They snicker at her mother, and suddenly Tiger is bothered by the realization that her Momma will always want to play dolls and hide and seek.  Granny knows that sometimes Tiger wishes she had a different mother, maybe even a different life.  “Perhaps,” Granny said, “ those girls don’t deserve your friendship.  Besides, you have Jesse Wade.”  But is Jesse Wade’s friendship enough for her.  Or is it a different life that she needs?  What will Tiger do if she gets the chance to choose?  (Gail A. King,, University of South Carolina)

SUBJECTS:     Parent and child -- Fiction
                        Grandmothers -- Fiction
                        Mentally handicapped -- Fiction
                        Friendship -- Fiction


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