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Hoffman, Alice.
New York : Scholastic, 2003.
IL 5-8, RL 5.9
ISBN 0439474140
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The first of these two stories, Indigo, is about Martha Glimmer and her two best friends, Trevor and Eli McGill, who live in the town of Oak Grove, known for its tendency to flood. Martha hated everything about her life: the town, being 13, and especially how orderly everything and everybody was. Trevor and Eli loved everything, especially anything to do with water: splashing in the tub with all their clothes on, eating fish and sardines, the sound of running water. They were so in love with water that people started calling them Trout and Eel! The 3 friends decide to leave Oak Grove and head to the ocean, but a huge storm blows in and once again, the town floods. After Trout and Eli help save the town, they hear the true story of how their parents came to adopt them and why they take to water like fish. The flood seems to wash away a lot of misunderstandings, fears, and bad dreams for everyone in Oak Grove.

In the 2nd story in this book, Aquamarine is about best friends Hailey and Claire, who are the only people who still visited the Capri Beach Club since it started to deteriorate a few years ago. One day towards the end of summer vacation, the girls discover a rude, bad-tempered teenaged mermaid in the murky water of the swimming pool. Over the course of the next few days, while trying to find a way to get Aquamarine back into the ocean where she came from, the mermaid falls in love with Raymond, the snack bar hottie. She then refuses to budge from the pool until Raymond notices her. How will Claire and Hailey convince Aquamarine to return to the ocean before she dries up completely from the chlorine in the pool? Read Water Tales by Alice Hoffman to find out! (Marybeth R., Hickory Creek Middle School, Frankfort, IL)

SUBJECTS:     Mermaids -- Fiction.
                        Friendship -- Fiction.
                        Summer -- Fiction.
                        Beaches -- Fiction.
                        Moving, Household -- Fiction.
                        Runaways -- Fiction.
                        Self-perception -- Fiction.


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