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Hobbs, Will.  
New York : Dell, 1996
ISBN 0440226732
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Booktalk #1

Last summer I read Downriver by Will Hobbs and it is my favorite book. Downriver is an exciting book about this girl Jessie who goes to camp for the summer. At this camp they live in the wilderness. She ends up staying with this girl who lived on the streets abandoned named Star. For their first trip they go hiking up a huge mountain. Jesse has to climb across to get to the top on a narrow ledge. She gets so scared but ends up pulling it off because Troy encourages her. Throughout the book Jesse has a huge crush on him. She and these other people at the camp go canoeing down a weak white water rafting spot. Later on they travel a little bit farther down, from Colorado traveling to California. During the car ride there they all stop at the rest stop and Al counselor goes in but he leaves his keys in the car. Troy had an idea. He asked everyone if they wanted to continue and leave Al behind and only just have in al kids.What do the kids do? Do they hijack the car and ditch him or do they wait and go with him? To find out you must read this great book.  (Chris S., K-12 student)

Booktalk #2

If you like adventure, excitement and even some action? Then this book is for you. It is about kids who go white water rafting and select kids to lead them through the waters, when Troy is picked to lead and he’s the only kid who hasn't led yet so now it’s his job to lead them safely through the waters throughout the Grand Canyon. So the kids are set on a mission to conquer the toughest water they faced yet. Also they run into some problems on the way. One of the problems they face is Adam catches a scorpion and puts it in a plastic case in his pocket but on the way the scorpion stings him ‘’ catch a scorpion and put it in your pocket for good luck old Chinese legend’’.I think others should read this. Especially people who en joy adventure, action and excitement.  (Nick S., K-12 student)

Booktalk #3

Down River by Will Hobbs is a ground breaking, heart stopping, and amazing adventure book for any age. Down River takes place at a camp for kids that are close to going to jail. The main character in the book is a 15 year old girl named Jessie. Jessie was sent to the camp by her father. Jessie’s group at the camp is going white water rafting and the consular takes a pit stop. While the consular was gone one of the guys in the group named Troy suggests ditching the consular and going to Arizona to raft the Grand Canyon. They drive all night and get to the dock at dawn. They get on the rafts safely and then the waters get ruff. The first couple of white waters were no problem for them, then a white water comes around the corner and everyone has to move fast. About half way down the campers on the other raft flip over!! They get to land and set up camp. Down River is a book for people that love action and adventure books. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes anything to do with action and adventure. This would be a great book to read to a class in school or just for fun.  (Daniel R., K-12 student)

SUBJECTS:     White-water canoeing -- Fiction.
                        Grand Canyon (Ariz.) -- Fiction.
                        Wilderness survival -- Fiction.
                        Outward bound schools -- Fiction.

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