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Headley, Justina Chen.
Boston : Little, Brown, 2009
ISBN 0316025054
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Booktalk #1

Terra Rose is gorgeous. She works hard to keep it that way. That is, if you don't look at the "port-wine" colored stain that is the birthmark on the left side of her face. She is really tired of people staring at that side of her. She is tired of her controlling father, and she is tired of her perfect boyfriend. In walks (or rides through a car accident) Jacob, a Goth Chinese boy with a cleft palate. Terra and her mother travel to China to meet Terra's brother and track down Jacob's birth mother. Terra's father is a cartographer, [prop idea / questions to ask: picture bringing out books of maps--which will chart a simple journey, a map of your love, a map of your relationships?] which runs throughout the book--finding a place in life, in romance, in your personal journey, in love, and in your own voice. North of Beautiful is a complex novel that asks the reader to become involved.

(Booktalk by Mary Jo Heller, school librarian emeritus)  (Washington Evergreen YA Book Award)

Booktalk #2

"My dad calls me jolie laide. That's French for "pretty ugly." My mom says "You'll be beautiful one day," as she's paying for yet another laser surgery to heal my scar. It doesn't work. It never does.

Jacob sees me through the port wine stain. Jacob with his own scars. This boy throws my plans totally off the map.

Can I learn to see me as Jacob sees me? Am I ready to?

If you've ever hated how you look. If you've ever thought the people who say, "oh, the only beauty that matters is what's inside" were lying like a rug. And if you've ever wondered how that could possibly change, you'll want to read Terra's story.

North of Beautiful.  (Washington Evergreen YA Book Award)

SUBJECTS:     Beauty, Personal -- Fiction.
                        Birthmarks -- Fiction.

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