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No Image Available Hawk, Douglas D.
New York : Leisure Books
ISBN 0843936428
Morgan Baylock seemed like he had a good life. Almost everyone knew him in Crystal Wells. He ran a snow tractor business all around Crystal Wells since it snowed there a lot. One day he was sleeping in his bed and he got a phone call from his so-called friend Jasper Mickiss. Jasper told him that there where some missing people up in the mountain and that he needed Morgan’s snow machine. When Morgan refused, Jasper told him that his good friend Ryan Gruff was among the missing. Morgan met Jasper where he had told him to meet him at the bottom of the mountains with the feds, Red Crumley, Crystal Well’s sheriff and Charlie Shaw, the Crystal Wells news reporter. They all got in Morgan's snow machine except for Charlie who took a snowmobile up the mountain. When they got there they saw a mess of twisted metal and a knocked over snow tractor. When they got closer they found Ryan in the snow tractor. He was mumbling to himself about something that flew and took away the others. They decided to bring him down the mountain to the hospital. As they came up with Charlie on the snow mobile and everyone else in the snow tractor they went back down the mountain. On the way down Red happened to look back and didn’t see Charlie’s snowmobile's lights. He asked Morgan to stop and they both went to check out Charlie. They found Charlie -- or at least what was left of him, because what they found that the snowmobile had crashed and Charlie was torn to shreds a few feet away from his snowmobile. There was something else though, something with yellow eyes and fangs, something that flew and preyed on humans  … To find out what they found, read The Devouring by Douglas D. Hawk.  (Frank H., 8th grade student, Rundlett Middle School)
SUBJECTS:     Horror.


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