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Halam, Ann.
New York : Wendy Lamb Books, 2004.
IL 5-8, RL 6.7
ISBN 0385901143
She doesn't feel any different.  But maybe that's because she doesn't know how she is supposed to feel.  Of course her parents have told her that she was a test tube baby but she never thought too much about who her biological parents may have been.  But now the news has broken.  LifeForce has told the media that they have successfully created human clones.  Taylor is assured her identity will be protected and only a few people know about her.  When you live in an orangutan sanctuary, there aren't too many people around to tell anyway.  As she tries to come to grips with the new knowledge, forces outside the compound compel her to put others well-being before her own.  The rebel army has taken over the area and burned the sanctuary to the ground.  Taylor and her younger brother were exploring a cave at the time and escaped the soldiers.  Now, Taylor, Donny and an old ape named Uncle set off to find help and hope to find their parents alive somewhere.
SUBJECTS:     Cloning -- Fiction.
                        Brothers and sisters -- Fiction.
                        Orangutan -- Fiction.
                        Borneo -- Fiction.


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