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Griffin, Paul.
New York : Dial, 2016
IL 5-8

(3 booktalks)
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Booktalk #1

As a foster kid, Ben Coffin has learned not to make friends.  But that changed when he was adopted by a marvelous woman who showed him love and friendship.  When his mother passes away, he is sent to her sister's home where it is clear he is not really welcome.  He spends his days in the public library and finds a friendship with an unexpected person.  Rainbow Girl is different from anyone he has ever known.  Together with a scruffy little dog who follows him home, Paul may just find a way to trust again.

Booktalk #2

Ben Coffin knows better than to get too close with people. As a former foster kid, he knows people leave. He prefers to spend his time with the people in science fiction books, reading each afternoon down at the Coney Island library. Heís such a regular, the librarian there even sets aside new books she thinks heíll like without his asking. Then in one afternoon, Ben finds a lost dog he names Flip, and meets Halley (like the comet), a rainbow-hued girl at the library. Halley is the librarianís daughter, but he has missed meeting her because sheís been busy with cancer treatments, now mercifully over. Ben suddenly finds himself with two excellent companions, and with their help, sets out to begin a Reading Dogs program at the library. But just as everything is beginning to go right for once, Ben faces a tragedy at home, leading him face to face with violence and homelessness. His ties to Halley and her family seem more important and yet more fragile than ever. But with Flip by his side and more people behind him than he realizes, Ben is able to face each challenge as it comes, and come out on top.  (New Hampshire Great Stone Face Award nominee, 2018)

Booktalk #3

Ben Coffin has never felt like he fits in. A former foster kid, he keeps his head down at school to avoid bullies and spends his afternoons reading sci-fi books at the library. All that changes when he finds a scruffy abandoned dog named Flip, who leads him to befriend fellow booklover Halley. For the first time, Ben starts to feel like he belongs. But as their story unfolds Benís life begins to unravel, and he must discover for himself the truth about friendship and the meaning of home. Equal parts heartbreaking and heartwarming, When Friendship Followed Me Home is a breathtaking story about life, loss and the meaning of family. (Vermont Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award, 2018)

SUBJECTS:     Friendship -- Fiction.
      • Dogs -- Fiction.
      • Cancer -- Fiction.
      • Adoption -- Fiction.
      • Middle schools -- Fiction
      • Schools -- Fiction.

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