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Graham, Lorenz
New York : Crowell, 1969.
IL 5-8
This book is a continuation of the story of David Williams and his family. The other books include SOUTH TOWN, NORTH TOWN AND RETURN TO SOUTH TOWN. The story is about race relations. David is Black and he is living in a predominantly white society. The family left South Town to escape the discrimination of the town. At first, life in North Town seems to be better than what they left. David's father has a good job and the family is able to move into a comfortable apartment. David is now 18 and hopes to go to medical school. Life is looking up for them. One night, David and his girlfriend attend a party. On the way home, they stop at a drive-in restaurant. A group of white boys attack David and his friends and police believe the white boys' story that David started the fight. David is arrested. While David is waiting to be released, the car is vandalized. Things keep getting worse with one false accusation after another. Will David be able to realize that "Sometimes just living through your trouble is success"? Read WHOSE TOWN? to find out.
SUBJECTS:     Race relations -- Fiction


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