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Goodman, Shawn.
New York : Delacorte Books for Young Readers, 2013

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Booktalk #1

James isnít cool. James doesnít fit in at school. He doesnít fit in at home. His mother is an alcoholic with an abusive, loser boyfriend. James is looking for a way to be free from his surroundings. He turns to Louis, his bodybuilding older brother. Louis helps James by letting him deliver some packagesÖonlyÖthe cops show up. James winds up in juvie. In Morton, James finds out about real strength and it has nothing to do with muscles. See what happens to James in Kindness for Weakness by Shawn Goodman. ( Prepared by: Pamela Garner Sloss, Union County High School, 
SCASL Young Adult Book Award, 2016)

Booktalk #2

Jamesís father left the family a long time ago, his drug addicted mother brings home one boyfriend after another, and the most recent is prone to violence. Even though James is smart and enjoys school, itís difficult for him to do well when heís forced to stay out all night walking the streets because home is no longer safe, and the older brother that he used to rely on wonít answer the phone. Then, James is arrested. While locked up, James meets a variety of criminals, some misunderstood and some truly insane. If this wasnít bad enough, he also has to deal with crooked guards, counselors on a mission, and an apathetic system. (Eliot Rosewater Indiana High School Book Award, Rosie Award, 2018)

SUBJECTS:     Brothers -- Fiction.
                        Drug dealers -- Fiction.
                        Self-esteem -- Fiction.

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