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Glassman, Jackie.
New York : Grosset & Dunlap, 2002
IL K-3, RL 3.7
ISBN 044842844X
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What is it like to live in a really chilly place like the Arctic? The Arctic is where the North Pole is found, and is made up of an ice-covered sea and a cold desert called the tundra. Even though the Arctic is so cold, many animals make it their home. But you wonder, how do they survive in such a harsh place? People have to cover themselves with much clothing in order not to freeze, but animals in the Artic have developed special ways to deal with the cold.  Letís meet some of these cool creatures. With a thick layer of fat and a furry coat, the huge polar bear enjoys swimming and rolling on the snow. The bear has wide paws that help it walk on the snow without sinking in and it doesnít slip because it also has furry soles. Another big animal is called the Muskox. This mammal has a long furry coat and under the hair is a layer of wool to keep it warm. Do you know that there are hares living in the Arctic? They stay together to keep warm and when they see danger, they hop away. Their big feet are like snow shoes. There are also birds in the Arctic. The snowy owl with its feathers protect it from the Arctic winds. Letís not forget  sea animals such as the ringed seal. It has a thick layer of blubber to keep it comfortable. It has big round eyes that help it see in the icy, dark sea. There are many more awesome Arctic creatures that you can learn about in this cool book.  (May Harn Liu,  librarian)

Animals -- Arctic regions.

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