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George, Jean Craighead

New York : Harper & Row, 1973.
IL 5-8 RL 5.6 .
ISBN 0060219432

(3 booktalks)

Booktalk #1

Fifteen year old Eskimo girl has a penpal in San Francisco. Married and hating it, she decided to venture off from Alaska to San Francisco in search of a better life. "Julie of the Wolves" is the story of Miyak (Julie) struggling to survive in the tundra where lichen and lemmings are a food treat. We think along side Julie as she learns old ways and Eskimo ways to get through cold arctic trek as part of the wolf family she has adopted.

Booktalk #2

"Julie is gone.....I am Miyax now." Miyax. That was her real name. No longer would she answer to Julie, her English name. Miyax, a young Eskimo girl, married at the age of 13 to escape an unhappy life with her aunt. No longer would she have to continue abandoning much of her traditional way of living to learn an Americanized lifestyle as some Eskimos were living. Run! She had to runaway. Only this time it would be away from her husband, a dull boy whom she found to be terrible and mentally slow. Taking a few basic necessities that she would need, along with the clothes and coat on her back, Miyax secretly left and ventured into the Alaskan wilderness alone. Alone.....and lost in the wilderness, Miyax becomes accepted by a pack of wolves and uses her training skills learned from her father that help her to survive.

                   Imagine for a moment what would happen if you were lost in the Alaskan wilderness. Would you be mentally or physically prepared and have the skills to build your own shelter, hunt for your own food, and battle the freezing weather ? What about befriending a pack of wild wolves? Do you think you have what it takes to survive? Read Julie of the Wolves and learn how Miyax overcame her fears and daily struggles to survive in the wilderness. It is a story of survival and friendship between a girl and a wolfpack that she had grown to love. (Angela Alberty,, University of South Carolina LIS Intern; Columbia, SC)

Booktalk #3

A pretty Eskimo girl, Miyax, decides to run away from her husband, Daniel. She eats all the food she had packed and finds herself lost and hungry without a compass, food, or water on the North Alaskan Slope. She’s on her way to San Francisco to meet her pen pal, Amy. Amy calls Miyax by her real name, which is Julie. On her way to San Francisco. Miyax notices a pack of wolves by her homemade hut. She tries to get their attention to somehow ask them for food in wolf language. In order to survive, Miyax must stick to the Eskimo’s old ways, intelligence, fearlessness, and love.  (Cassie Kramer, Student, Meeker Elementary)

SUBJECTS:     Wolves -- Fiction
                        Eskimos -- Fiction
                        Survival -- Fiction


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