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Garcia, Kami.
Boston : Little, Brown, 2010
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Picking up where Beautiful Creatures left off, Ethan and Lena are at a crossroad.  This sequel begins with Macon Ravenwood's funeral.  Lena had used the Book of Moons to save Ethan in the battle with her dark mother, Serafine, but the sacrifice was Macon's life.  Lena can't handle the guilt and pulls away from Ethan, leaning towards the Dark Casters in her life.  She stops attending school and ends her Kelting with Ethan.  He is alone in his thoughts, which is unfortunate, as bizarre dreams begin to haunt him.  Why do the people in his dreams, including Macon, the patriarch of the Ravenwood clan Abraham, and the terrifying Serafine see him in his dreams and speak directly to him?  No matter what, however, Ethan cannot and will not let Lena go.  After meeting Marian's new assistant, the mysterious and intelligent British Keeper-in-Training Olivia (Liv), Ethan begins to unravel more and more secrets about the Caster world and his role in it.  Why is Lena's 17th moon approaching faster than expected and how will she be claimed?  Who is John Breed, a hybrid Incubus who arrives with Ridley and takes control of Lena? What will happen when the Caster World and the Mortal World meet at the Great Barrier?  Armed with an Arclight, a mysterious Caster weapon used to imprison an incubus, Ethan, Link, Liv (and a host of other unexpected helpers from both worlds) travel into the tunnels under Gaitlin to save Lena, but by doing so, inflame the battle between dark and light.  The moon is split - will the world be as well?  (Book Talk Author: Lisa Ehrle, Colorado Blue Spruce Award, 2015)

SUBJECTS:     Supernatural -- Fiction.
                        Psychic ability -- Fiction.
                        Love -- Fiction.
                        South Carolina -- Fiction.
                        Love stories.

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