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Garcia, Kami.
Boston : Little, Brown, 2009
ISBN 0316042676

(2 booktalks)
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Booktalk #1

"Some loves are meant to be; others are cursed." LittleBrown books has a book trailer here

Ethan Wate is practically counting the days until he can escape Gatlin, a small Southern town where everyone knows and has an opinion on everyone else's business. That is until he meets Lena Duchannes, the girl of his dreams...literally. A new girl at school is automatically big news, but Lena draws extra attention because she is the niece of Gatlin's very own Boo Radley: Macon Ravenwood. The students, egged on by their small-minded parents, assume Lena is a freak and immediately target her. Ethan, however, is utterly drawn to Lena and braves the wild storms that seem to follow her and creepy Ravenwood Manor in order to be with her. Their connection is immediate, intense, and magical. But, their relationship seems doomed before it can even start. Lena, a caster, is also counting days. But, her countdown leads to potential darkness not freedom. A curse that began generations ago, in the violence of the Civil War, threatens to tear them apart and put all of their loved ones in danger.
(booktalk by Kirsten Gunn, Highline High School Library)  (Washington Evergreen YA Book Award)

Booktalk #2

Ethan Wate has lived in Gatlin his whole life.  His father has lived there his whole life. His Grandfather lived there his whole life… Get the idea.  People live in Gatlin their whole lives and never leave, except that is exactly what Ethan wants to do.  He hates the whole life in Gatlin, the families of popularity that keep the other families out, the same lessons taught in school, the same life as the Civil War.  Ethan plans to leave as fast as possible after graduation and never look back.

Then, Lena Duchannes arrives.  She comes to live with the town’s Boo Radly, Old Man Ravenwood.  Lena is a breath of fresh air and Ethan is drawn to her.  Suddenly, Lena and Ethan are more than just attracted to each other, they are able to communicate with each other even miles away through telepathy.  Ethan and Lena also share the same dark dreams of death and sadness.  Through their journey to discover a way around the Duchannes curse and to solve the riddle of the dreams,   Ethan discovers that Gatlin isn’t the town he thought he knew- and that there are many mysterious powers that live there.  As Lena and Ethan travel down their road to discovery, danger lies in every direction and they discover it is hard to know who to trust when everyone has a secret....  (Tobye Ertelt for the Colorado Blue Spruce Award, 2014)

SUBJECTS:     Supernatural -- Fiction.
                        Psychic ability -- Fiction.
                        Love -- Fiction.
                        High schools -- Fiction.
                        Schools -- Fiction.
                        Dreams -- Fiction.
                        Recluses -- Fiction.
                        South Carolina -- Fiction.
                        South Carolina -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Fiction.
                        Love stories.

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