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Galli, Richard.
Chapel Hill : Alogonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2000.
ISBN 0312283407 
I’d like to tell you about three persons that I have known. Actually I personally know just one of them and have only “known of” the other two. All three were active and healthy teenagers until one tragic moment in time. Two of them are quadriplegics now and the other has paralysis from the waist down.
                        I came to know the first person through her book, Joni (pronounced, “Johnny”). Have any of you ever read that?  When I was 9, she was a teenager and had a diving accident that left her paralyzed. She overcame depression, anger, etc. to inspire others with her artwork that she created by holding a paintbrush between her teeth. (I will show an example of one of her paintings.)
                        The second person played a heroic role in the movies when I was in college. Can anyone tell me who this person was? Christopher Reeves was Superman. He was a talented actor, pianist and a physically strong young man before he had his equestrian accident.
                        The third person I know lived beside me a couple of years ago. He enjoyed the life of an Extreme Sports athlete until one day he had an accident on his motocross motorcycle. Now he is paralyzed from the waist down.
                        All three of these have faced struggles and answered questions that we can hopefully only imagine. Rescuing Jeffrey is a non-fiction book about these struggles but from a father's perspective. Rescuing Jeffrey is the story of a 17 year old guy who had a diving accident at a 4th of July pool party. The father writes:
                    “I was just finishing my second brownie. One of the kids came up to the house and told us Jeffrey was in the pool, underwater and not moving. It was only a joke, of course. Jeffrey was just goofing the other kids. He was underwater, holding his breath, having fun.”
                    The father goes on to tell how he went and checked on Jeffrey anyway expecting to see Jeffrey paddling, but with a “half-ashamed, half-elated smile”. But, of course, when he arrived that is not what he found.
                    Rescuing Jeffrey is the story of the first 10 days following the accident.  Jeffrey’s father tells about how he calmly and courageously saved his son’s life. Read about the exciting rescue and how then the father realizes he “had to find a way to kill him”. (Jeff Jones,, Chicora Elementary School, N. Charleston, SC, computer teacher)
SUBJECTS:     Galli, Jeffrey.
                        Spinal cord -- Wounds and injuries.
                        Spinal cord -- Surgery -- Patients.
                        Physically handicapped -- Rehabilitation.


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