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Gaetz, David Campbell.
Custer, WA : Orca, 2004.
IL 3-6
ISBN 1551433060
Rusty is looking forward to the trip but not the company.  He is stuck in the car with mystery novel reader Katie and music lover Sheila.  Katie always has her nose in a book and Sheila has on headphones as she listens to music.  Rusty loves history and is looking forward to visiting Barkerville.  It was the site of a gold rush town in the 1870s.  To prepare for the visit, Rusty reads the history of Barkerville.  One chapter in particular catches his attention.  The story of Three Finger Evans.  The legend has it that James Evans' ghost can be seen wandering around the town as he tries to find his way back to his wife and children.  An interesting tale to be sure but it is just a ghost story.  Or is it?  Who is that man the kids see their first night in town?  It sure looks like James Evans.  What is going on here?
SUBJECTS:     Mystery and detective stories.


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