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Fowler, Allan.
New York : Children's Press, 1998
IL K-3, RL 3.1
ISBN 0516264206
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You might have heard and seen all sorts of birds like finches, pigeons, or colorful cardinals and blue jays.  You might even have seen big birds like hawks or eagles soaring high up in the sky.  All these birds can fly so swift and so gracefully.  As funny as it sounds, did you know that there are birds around the world that simply cannot fly at all? There is the awesome looking ostrich that lives in Africa.  It has small wings, but a big body and long, powerful  legs.  It can run amazingly fast.  Then there is the Kiwi, a bird the size of a chicken that lives in New Zealand.  It has short legs and a very long, thin beak.  It eats berries, seeds, worms, and insects.  Let's not forget the adorable looking penguin.  Most of them live in Antarctica.  The penguin can  swim ever so swifty with its wings, and on land it waddles with its webbed feet.  When there is snow on the ground, it can even slide around on their belly. Wow!  Come find out more about these interesting non-flying birds.  (May Harn Liu,, librarian)
SUBJECTS:     Penguins.

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