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Fletcher, Charlie.
New York : Hyperion, 2008
IL 5-8, RL 5.8
ISBN  1423101766
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On a school trip to the Natural History Museum in London, George, an awkward 12 year old, is unfairly and wrongly blamed for knocking over a museum display…typical.  He’s always the brunt of the other kids’ teasing.  His punishment is waiting for the rest of the class to complete the tour, and George is angry.  He lashes out and breaks off a dragon's head carved onto the wall of the museum.

The next thing he knows, a pterodactyl carving comes to life and begins to chase him through the streets of London.  George runs for his life, and is saved by another statue, a soldier named the Gunner, who informs George that he has entered another layer of reality, an alternative London where statues move and talk -- and worse yet, he’s started a new war between good spits (statues that hold a bit of their creators in them and are their “spittin image”) and evil taints (statues without a bit of their creators).

George and the Gunner are eventually joined by Edie – a girl who can see the moving statues, but there’s more to her, too – she’s a glint, because she can catch a glimpse of a past tragedy when she touches certain things-  and the three frantically race against the clock to figure out what George must do to make amends for his wrong and get himself back home.

Stoneheart is an exciting, imaginative story, in which Fletcher incorporates actual London statuary, an intriguing touch.  It’s the first in a trilogy.  (NH Isinglass Teen Award nominee, 2013)

SUBJECTS:     Statues -- Fiction.
                        London (England) -- Fiction.
                        England -- Fiction.

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