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Fleischman, Paul.
Cambridge:  Candlewick Press, 1999.
IL K-3  RL 3.5
ISBN 0763700067

(2 booktalks)

Booktalk #1

When summer vacation comes around, what do you like to do?  How many of you have ever  planted a garden or flowers before?  After this discussion, I would ask what kind of plants would be useful to a group of people or civilization and why.  This would lead into other useful things that civilizations need in order to survive.  Have on hand some illustrations of hieroglyphics, buildings, and inventions when they call these out to help make your point.  Introduce the book, perhaps even showing some of the colorful illustrations to catch their attention. ("Naomi Bates" <>)

Booktalk #2

Wesley definitely is not like other boys at his school, not liking normal foods, or sports, or even the latest hairstyles. The other children mock him, chasing him home, making his life a torment. Ah, then comes summer vacation! Feeling out of place, Wesley decides to make his own place, and uses his wonderful imagination and skill to create a whole new civilization, which he names Weslandia. Experience the amusing details of his creation, and watch how his classmates now react to him and his new world.  (Jeannie Bellavance for Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Awards)

SUBJECTS:     Plants -- Fiction
                        Gardening -- Fiction
                        Civilization -- Fiction.


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